View Full Version : Quitting Smoking Cigarettes

01-14-15, 09:13 PM
I've been smoking cigarettes for about a year, maybe a pack a day :-/

I'm trying to stop. Not just b/c of the long-term dangers but I also feel like it might make me a bit tired.

I guess I'm just fishing for motivation to quit!

01-14-15, 11:13 PM
Go for it. I know I'm glad I did. Wishing you luck.

01-16-15, 08:11 AM
It's absolutely possible! I'm about 4 1/2 years (1,650 days today!) smoke free (not one puff!) myself. One of the greatest things I've ever done for myself!

I truly owe my quit to a website called That place made it all possible for me! I truly do not think I would've made it without the support I got from there.
It's a lot like this that it's full of a lot of loving, caring, understanding people. People you can fall back on during the really tough times...they're always there! haha for the first few weeks of my quit, I was almost CONSTANTLY on that damn site posting! I joke that I had set up a tent in the Q's backyard! :p

I don't know what state you're from...but a lot of states will pay for Quitnet's premium services (which include extra features on the site such as a blog you can keep if you choose to do so, as well as a quit coach who will call you each week and give you someone to talk to if you want...and perhaps most importantly for a lot of patches or gum or whatever other aid you need...including a coupon for free meds like chantix that you can take to your doctor (you need a prescription for that stuff).

If you sign up for the site, they'll also send you some pamplets and a nice little booklet where you can go over some basics to keeping your quit...and write down some goals and what not.
There's also a nice little timer that gets set up that shows how many days you've been quit, how much money you've save and how many nasty sticks you've not's nothing amazing, but it has actually helped me personally quite a bit! It's been a nice little boost in motivation to see those numbers increase over time.

You can call a number too to see if your state provides the premium services for free...and they can also set up everything for you over the phone, so you don't even have to bother signing up for at the site :)

1-800-Quit-Now (1-800-784-8669)

And here's a bit more information on it: ( (TONS of great info can be found here!)

I really do wish you the best! Quitting may be difficult...but it can also be SUPER rewarding!
I love my quit! You will too!!