View Full Version : Adderall/ Dextroamphetamine xr discount?

01-15-15, 12:23 AM
Ah!! My deductible on my insurance changed this year and my insurance no longer covers my adderall xr or generic!!! Help! I heard of discount cards found online but struck out trying to use one, does anyone have one that works ? :(

01-15-15, 01:02 AM
My insurance charges me the price they pay until I meet my deductible, just FYI.

But, No I haven't found any coupons etc. :(

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01-15-15, 05:10 AM
The only legitimate source for Prescription coupons I've seen so far is "GoodRX" They can be found at

I Searched on there for you and found a link
Make sure to change the specs on the left to your dosage & Quantity.

02-03-15, 01:16 PM
I was going to say GoodRx as well. It's been such a great and helpful website for me! I use their iphone app as well. Saves me a ton of money as I don't have rx coverage.

02-05-15, 11:21 AM
GoodRx is the place to go ......I have always had to self pay and the difference it makes is huge .....that being said .....Adderall is the only affordable self pay amphetamine based drug ......for many years it was dextroamphetamine, but those prices have gone through the roof, my script would be many hundreds of dollars a month, while the Adderall is about 80 something ..... was The Great Shortage of 2 or 3 years ago that caused the dex to skyrocket ....thank the fates that I eventually got used to Adderall.....

...Oh and GoodRx really is taken by the drug stores many coupons are not honored because of the type of meds these are ....

.....I just print out the coupon, and bring it in once, they put it in my records and apply the discount every time ...but be sure to check with your particular drugstore ....