View Full Version : My strength against temptation

01-16-15, 07:07 AM
My mothers apartment building where I've
been staying. well its a huge building, about
200 apartments here.

a few people who I've known from here for
many years (as my mom has lived in this
building since 2002.)

so yeah I know quite a few people. and sadly
over the months I've realized most are not
my friends. they just want to be "drug friends"...
meaning yeah they have everything in the
book for sale, trying to get me to buy with
money I don't even have.

or of course they are always asking me to
sell my meds to them.

about that, made a HUGE mistake in taking a
"friend " with me to the pharmacy on the way
to Walmart. He saw that I picked up narcotics
and apparently told a few addicts/ and dealers
in this building what I had.

i always tell them I don't have anything when
they ask. its really like what I am saying
they are not understanding. i don't have s***
for sale, no I'm not trading anything because
ive told them I've got nothing.

no one has been out of line about it, just tired
of people wanting my meds. they are mine,
end of story.

01-20-15, 05:03 AM
You know my philosophy raye, tell them to f++k off.