View Full Version : Breathe

01-17-15, 01:26 AM
Its all I can say
Carry on
Even if it carries you away
Choose to stay
Even when the storm has come
And the sky is grey
Never listen when they say
your life is over
Its already too late
It's quiet
And I must wait
For the present to come
Carrying the crows at dawn
But I must wait
For the end to come
To carry my spirit away
But before that I will evaporate and become like the rain
I will not decay I will only break
I will never be whole because my father is the sun and my body is a flame used only to illuminate
One day ill burn out
One day ill fade away
But before im gone
Before im done
my body will turn to dust and my soul will lift up toward the heavens and my memories will pierce the ashes in the rain
My soul will break and for just a second the colors will split
And overtake the grey
My dreams will come
but it will cost everything
Sometimes we live one hundred years
Searching for a moment
One that brings color inside
And rests beside the grey
It's all I can say