View Full Version : Does anyone sleep longer and/or wake up in the early AM on concerta?

01-18-15, 01:19 PM
I've been taking Methylpehnidate ER for a couple of weeks and noticed I've been consistently waking up in the early AM, usually ~1-3AM, and have had trouble falling back to sleep. I've also noticed that I'm sleeping longer on average, and when I wake up I'm a bit groggier.

I've had problems with hypersomnia all my life (ADHD-i dx), but those were resolved a few months back when I started taking lexapro.

The generic Concerta helps with attention, mental energy, short term memory, and my sense of time, so I doubt I'll stop taking it, but the sleep problems are kind of irritating and I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences and suggestions.

01-18-15, 11:37 PM
I take Concerta 36 mg (used to take 54 mg) but have not noticed this side effect.