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02-01-15, 11:03 AM
I've never been much of a coffee drinker, if I need a kick during the day I'll grab an 8oz sugar free redbull.

After receiving a Keurig for Christmas (The thoughtful person who got it for me assumed I drank coffee) I wanted to find a use for it. So every now and then I'll have some hot chocolate.

Now this is both a curiosity and a concern as I'm very happy with my prescription and have been for the past year. I take 20mg x 5 times a day. Never even thinking about it, the first time I took ritalin while drinking hot cocoa I felt, different..good different, as if it was being enhanced some how. I've tested this an additional 4 times and each time I get that same feeling.

I'm guessing it's more the hot beverage having something to do with it than swiss miss so, should i be concerned or stop taking ritalin with hot beverages? I've tried to do research online and have not found much relating to chocolate/hot beverages and stimulants.

Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you. Chris44

02-04-15, 12:12 AM
It's probably form the caffeine in the hot chocolate. I looked it up and was surprised how much it has. I would think it could easily affect your Med.

Skip the Cocoa Before Bed
The exact amount of caffeine in cocoa powder varies according to the manufacturer. In general, however, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that 1 cup of dry, unsweetened cocoa powder contains 198 milligrams of caffeine. Each tablespoon of cocoa powder has 12 milligrams of caffeine -- not a lot, but it can affect those sensitive to the compound. Consuming foods or drinks that contain caffeine stimulates your nervous system and your brain, which can help you fight fatigue. If you consume too much caffeine, you can experience side effects such as general anxiety and difficulty sleeping.

02-04-15, 12:22 AM
Cocoa contains a small amount of caffeine (which is also a stimulant).

02-18-15, 05:40 AM
Here's a bit of trivia:

Stimulants in Chocolate That Are not Caffeine (