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02-01-15, 10:44 PM
I created an app, Hourly Diary (, for this purpose. About half a year ago, I was looking for a Tme Management app.

Unfortunately, most apps use the naiive and simple approach of having a calendar where you manually fill in every time slot with the activities you performed. I guess you can also do this in Excel by putting Year, Month, Day, and Hour in columns to denote the time slot down to the hour and another column for "Activities". The problem with these approaches is almost nobody, much less ADDers, will be disciplined enough to stop what they're doing and fill in a speadsheet or app with whatever activities they were performing in the recent past. So they only remember to do it at the end of the day but by then, it becomes impossible to fill out such information accurately. How many of you remember, right before you go to bedk, exactly what activitiy you were engaging in at every single hour of the day?

Hourly Diary automatically notifies you every hour to fill out a simple time diary entry. The things you are asked to fill in are:
- A 1 to 5 rating of how well you used your time.
- A 1 to 5 rating of your energy level.
- A list of up to 4 tasks you performed in that hour.
- A larger description field where you can write anything you want, say a diary entry.

The above hourly time diary entry shouldn't take more than 1-3 minutes to fill out and should pose minimal interruption to whatever task you were working on. Over time, you can also use the program to look up statistics about your past time use as well as see trends.

I spent about 2 months creating this program, originally for my own use in tracking how well I've been using my time. It's evolved with my own use (as I discovered bugs and shortcomings which prompted me to create new features in response.) Let me know if this is something that'll help with your own time management as well.

(Sorry, there's no iPhone version.. yet. I chose Android because that's the platform I mainly use.. at least for this minimum viable version.)

Ann Grin
08-02-16, 03:18 PM
very interesting, thanks