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02-02-15, 02:29 PM
I needed to refuel my empathy tank today and came looking in the forum for some cheerleading style posts. Unfortunately, the first ones I read were in the very contentious RANT thread.

I dont want to dredge up that thread, but I did want to mention why I came today as opposed to the reasons I have visited this forum off and on over the years.

Today, I'm exhausted and sad. I'm not unwilling to stay educated, try different strategies, have compassion for my son, lower my expectations etc. etc. but I don't want to today. I want to read "keep at it" "I totally understand" "of course you're going to lose faith sometimes" "you're trying so hard" "setbacks are painful" "don't beat yourself up" "your children are lucky to have your imperfect care" "we're right there with you." It's totally different than hearing "why don't you try this, and that," "let me explain to you what adhd is." Advice, information and correction are helpful for people who have some energy and some desire to try to change things themselves.

But I don't have the will today. Sometimes teens are a*s.s'h.o'l,e.s. When they have high needs you have spent years fighting, denying, learning about, accepting and addressing, all out of love, an a.s,s*h,o'l.e move can gut you. That's where I'm at today.

The life of an adhd parent can be exhausting and sad but it doesn't need to be lonely. The effort we've already put in, whether as effective or informed as it should have been, should be acknowledged and nurtured. It helps us to keep fighting the good fight.

02-02-15, 08:52 PM
I hear you. Teenagers ARE a*s.s'h.o'l,e.s. There are times when I want to wring my 15 year old's neck. Indulge yourself in a guilty pleasure today and forget about being a parent for a little while.

02-02-15, 09:31 PM
Been there this last week with my 13 year old autistic granddaughter.
Done the battle.
Got the scars.
And the shirt. ;)

It's always harder when they haven't slept well or are getting sick.
My granddaughter has been sick.

It does help to hear someone else say "I get it, I'm going through it too."

02-03-15, 05:41 AM
Teenagers can really suck sometimes.

02-04-15, 11:27 PM
Thank you all.

Little Missy
02-05-15, 09:06 AM
I know I about wore both of my parents out. My mum always said if I wasn't so funny she would have thrown me out the window and kept on driving.