View Full Version : Lets talk cash prices and what prescription cards your using; $100+ increase!!!

02-03-15, 12:25 AM
For the life of me I don't remember what prescription card I had on file at target (I have a feeling it's in one of my old threads.... how do you look up old posts on here?) but I went to pick up my script for #120 10mg Malls and they want $166 now vs the $63 I was paying before... (which is up from the $40 I used to pay... which is up from the $30 I used to pay for #90 10mg addies.... but I digress. They said my "insurance card".... which is my prescription card was only "paying $30" now.

I've used BTW but it's been a while and none of their prices look that great right now. I'm sure this has all been covered in other threads BTW so feel free to post those but I wanted to get the ball rolling quickly because I absolutely hate when this happens. It's just the biggest pain in the *** in the world trying to get the decent price on a decent generic that works well for ME..... And I love the malls! I'm really not keen on switching or going back to adderall. This sucks so hard! /Rant out :mad:

02-03-15, 12:56 AM
I beleive I was using Coast2CoastRX. Might just need to make a new card?

02-05-15, 11:45 AM
......First off, thanks for the link to that card ! ....secondly, I went to the site and they say the card doesn't have an expiration date ....

....and what are Malls ???

.....and lastly ....gave you tried using the GoodRx card ?? the coast to coast, it is a discount card, not insurance .....I get a price that is more than 50% off the retail price of the adderall script I have .....and they'll tell you right at the GoodRx site, who has the meds in your area, and what the cost is in lots of your local drug stores ....

...Hope that helps ....

02-07-15, 07:14 PM
I've been paying $43.99 for 90 10mg zenzedi tabs at CVS.

No discount card used. The pharmacist likes me though, so maybe I'm getting a special deal. It seems kinda cheap.

02-21-15, 05:58 AM
I pay $0 for 100 x 5mg tabs. Sometimes I really like Sweden :p