View Full Version : I don't think I'm depressed but

02-03-15, 12:56 AM
I just can't stand hyper people today. I can hardly keep up with them. So, maybe I am becoming depressed.

Pretty much every part of the forum except here is 'too loud' for me.

I do have a few concerns. Like maybe I'm not as good gamer as I thought I was. I was playing multiplayer and the people were just getting on my nerves. And now I'm unsure if I should keep playing games.

I had to stop playing because I didn't think I was eating properly. I hate when that happens.

Waiting to get confirmation to shoot a gig this weekend or get in for free. If I can't get the latter I don't know if I can buy a ticket. It's pretty expensive but I know the band well, they're just playing an exclusive show at a zoo which means higher ticket prices and less photographers.

Oh well. I'm going to watch some TV now and I'll see if this crap mood still exists an hour later.