View Full Version : Depressive Disorder NOS

02-04-15, 12:37 PM
Has anyone's child ever had this diagnosis? When my son was recently re-evaluated (new doctor) at age 11, his diagnosis' were ADHD, Depressive Disorder NOS, and mild oppositional tendencies.

I understand the other two, but I am unclear on the Depressive Disorder NOS. Some sites I see are saying this is a newer term for Bipolar Disorder. Does anyone know this to be the case? He does have some depressive tendencies, and at times is a bit up and down. He is not medicated because every medication we have tried has exasperated this depression. After that we decided we no longer wanted to go the medication route.

I do attribute some of the moodiness to quickly changing hormones as puberty is around the corner. But definitely think there are depression issues.

If your child has depression or DD NOS, what type of treatment are you seeking? And is it working? I really want to avoid antidepressants at this young age.