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02-04-15, 07:28 PM
I am posting this because I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar over all experience with adderall as i've had. I am wondering mostly, if I am one of the only people that takes it to sleep?

I am curious about this because I am prescribed 30 mgs roughly every four hours and my doctor knows I take it before bed, to sleep.

If you are surprised by that, I wouldn't know what to tell you, other than when I take 30 mgs before bed I sleep like a baby as it calms me down and overall relaxes my mind/ clears my head.

Before the adderall I would toss and turn and get very poor sleep. I am prescribed an additional 60 mgs because sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and experience the return of my prior symptoms of restlessness.

So basically I take it around the clock 24/7. I have not experienced a tolerance nor withdrawls if I skip days, the dose i'm at sort of always was from the get go when I was diagnosed about 4 years ago. The only difference are the 2 extra as needed daily doses.

As far as side effects, I don't really have any, my appetite doesn't suffer, I actually eat quite a lot. I don't get euphoric or strung out or jittery. If I take too much it can make me a bit too sleepy or foggy headed so there isn't really any abuse incentive.

I went down recently to 30mgs a day spread out as 7.5 mgs every 4 hours just because I try to see if I can do more with less. When I went down I didn't so much have a hard time concentrating but the restlessness and need to toss in my sleep returned.

As far as the benefits i've had from the med, well it's more so given me a better quality of life. I am not always productive even with my meds but they take away the horrible restlessness i've had my whole life. All in all i'd say they take away mostly my hyperactive symptoms and not much more than that.

So am I alone in my experience with this med?

02-04-15, 09:31 PM
yes :lol:

although, I have a couple sleep disorders, so my Adderall assists with keeping me slightly more awake as well as helping my ADHD

03-14-15, 10:43 AM
My reaction is much the same, with "quieting of internal restlessness" being one of the key effects I seem to derive benefit from. One of the first things I noticed when I started XR (20mg) was that I could take unusually calm, still naps. :) Like, I could relax in the same position for an hour or more without moving! No flopping all over the place!! So no, you're not the only one. I've always been a restless sleeper and (I'm told) terrible to share a bed with; I move around so much that sheets/blankets can end up tied in knots, and more than a few times I've (accidentally!) kicked someone, stolen the blankets, or just slowly edged them off the bed. Generally with zero recollection of it later.

Too much can also make me feel sleepy, though I don't take it specifically to sleep... oddly enough, I usually sleep pretty well in spite of all the physical restlessness. I'd try it for sleep if I were prescribed enough extra, but for now, I have to choose, and it's just more useful to me during waking hours.

03-16-15, 04:32 AM
as in ninja turtle? ;)

03-17-15, 02:21 PM
as in ninja turtle? ;)

No, as in an X-Man.

@InvitroCanibal Your problem is due to your possession of the X-Gene. You may want to look into schooling options to help you control your abilities. I recommend. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. :D

But in all seriousness, I don't. I find it actually keeps me awake. I once made the mistake of taking 15mgxr 20 minutes before a 9:40pm Calc II Exam. I then proceeded to come back to my dorm and was so awake and focused that, after the Exam, I started doing Calculus problems for fun. It wasn't even my homework, it was a problem one of the Calc I kids was up doing and couldn't solve so I ended up wasting hours helping him because I was far too focused to fall asleep. I ended up working on Calc problems until 3:00am.

....I learned my lesson. I take my meds a couple hours before night exams now.

Also, when I'm really tired, I'm even more restless and can't focus for ****. I see a noticeable difference when I take my meds. On the days I do when I'm exhausted, I am more alert, attentive, and focused, therefore more awake then on the days I'm really tired and don't.