View Full Version : Success with herbs and food sources

02-06-15, 07:06 AM

I thought I'd share that currently I have been taking a regime of herbs and vitamins, and have been good, confident and as if I don't need to take my medication.

I am prescribed Ritalin IR. I think its mostly good, not a fan of the rebounds, but mostly it does its job.

I have been into alternative medicine for a while however, and enjoy the benefits of eating well, exercise and meditation.

Recently I discovered Coconut Oil and have had great success. I read somewhere it has helped some with Alzheimers - seems to be funny that things that help that disease somewhat help ADHD. This is somewhat scary as well!

Anyway, my day goes as follows:

Wake up: Breakfast and fish oil supp. Then coffee with Coconut Oil. Keeps me focused and getting stuff done throughout the morning. Some people add grass-fed butter to the coffee so they don't have to stop for food. (Called the bulletproof coffee).

Then I break for lunch and have a Bacopa with that. Bacopa is my alternative Ritalin. Works by regulating dopamine and profilerating dendrites in the brain.
Basically people use it for anti-anxiety reasons and bettering memory. I find for first few weeks its a little sedating, but after that it starts to help. It helps my concentration, esp listening, and it improves my working memory. 'Normal' people have to take it for 8 weeks before seeing a memory improvement, but for me it seems to be after second week its working.

If I need perking up I'll have another coffee with Coconut Oil (make sure its virgin & raw) or I'll have a green tea with L-theanine. This two seem to work good together.

Then its dinner, possibly another fish oil. Some evenings and mornings I also take Zinc, which seems to help somewhat.

So far its working - my job isn't stressful atmo, and when things become more stressful, things become more difficult. But so far, so good.

I would definitely invest in coconut oil. I cook with it as well, and feel the benefits. It has good fats in it apparently which is why its so beneficial.