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02-06-15, 12:43 PM
Hello! My son just started Concerta 18mG yesterday. He is on Intuiv 2mG as well, which he takes at night. Both we extended release meds. I am wondering about side effects and others experiences with them in relation to the Concerta. He was extremely hyper yesterday after lunch and all the way through bedtime. In fact, he usually goes down by 8pm, but was not sleeping until 945 last night. He was then up twice crying in the middle of the night and as up for the day at 530am. I am hoping there is just an adjustment period for his system to get used to the med?

Anyone have any experience? My son is 5.

He was very well behaved for the teachers yesterday and self aware that he was hyper, though.

02-07-15, 03:55 PM
My grandson is older (15), but the combination of concerta and tenex (short acting version of Intuniv) has worked very well for him. When we tried concerta on its own, it was a disaster. The two seem to balance out any unwanted side effects. It could be an adjustment period, but you should know within a few days whether or not it works for your son.