View Full Version : 504 Plan - Even if doing well acadmically?

02-06-15, 05:24 PM
I'm curious as to how many of your children have a 504 Plan or IEP? My son is in 2nd grade, was diagnosed with ADHD end of Kindergarten. We got thru 1st grade with no med changes and he did well. 2nd grade had a rocky start because the meds weren't helping his ADHD symptoms as well, but with an increase in meds he has been doing great. Above average in Math & Reading, teacher says his listening & attention is good, and he has self control & impulsiveness is much better with the med change.

Our Pediatrician has been encouraging me to ask the school for a 504 Plan assessment. I think I'm hesitant to do so because I don't want to put the spot light on mys on and his ADHD diagnosis. He's doing well academically so why rock the boat? Yet I know with each grade level the demands increase and he does have some trouble in the mornings getting settled into the classroom routine and it would be beneficial to him to have a plan in place for his furture teachers to know his ADHD diagnosis and things that would help him, etc.

Were you able to get a 504 plan for your child even if academically they are doing well? Thanks in advance for your feedback & opinions!

02-10-15, 12:20 PM
My son is in the 7th grade and we just got him one this year. No academic problems or concerns, gets good grades, etc. I want it in place now, so that when is in in highschool, college, even the workplace there is something already in place. I have heard it's easier to get the 504 when the child is younger then waiting until he or she is older. It was an easy process too, so even better! I just want something "there" and legal should he need special accommodations later. Good luck!