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This thread is meant to seek and discuss scientific information involving Affective Neuroscience in the media.


Definition of emotional systems

1.Capable of elaboration of subjective feeling states that are affectively valenced

2.Various sensory stimuli can unconditionally access them

3.Can generate instinctual motor output

4.Can modulate sensory input

5.Can modulate cognitive activities

6.Can be modulated by cognitive input

7.Can sustain emotional response after precipitating events have passed

8.Interaction of emotional systems with circuits for self-presentation - affective consciousness???

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"Brains begin building conscious minds not at the level of the cerebral cortex but rather at the level of the brain stem.

Primordial feelings are not only the first images generated by the brain but also immediate manifestations of sentience.

They are the protoself foundation for more complex levels of self.

These ideas run counter to widely accepted views, although Jaak Panksepp (cited earlier) has defended a comparable position and so has Rodolfo Llinas.

But the conscious mind as we know it is a far different affair from the conscious mind that emerges in the brain stem, and on this point there probably is universal agreement.

The cerebral cortices endow the mind-making process with a profusion of images that, as Hamlet might put it, go far beyond anything that poor Horatio could ever dream of, in heaven and earth."

"Conscious minds begin when self comes to mind, when brains add a self process to the mind mix, modestly at first but quite robustly later.

The self is built in distinct steps grounded on the protoself.

The first step is the generation of primordial feelings, the elementary feelings of existence that spring spontaneously from the protoself.

Next is the core self.

The core self is about action--specifically, about a relationship between the organism and the object.

The core self unfolds in a sequence of images that describe an object engaging the protoself and modifying that protoself, including its primordial feelings.

Finally, there is the autobiographical self.

This self is defined in terms of biographical knowledge pertaining to the past as well as the anticipated future.

The multiple images whose ensemble defines a biography generate pulses of core self whose aggregate constitutes an autobiographical self."..

Antonio Damasio, "Self Comes To Mind", "Constructing The Conscious Brain", (Chapter: "Awakenings", A Preview of Main Ideas) p 23-24.


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(Question) You defined seven fundamental emotions, all spelled with capital letters in your academic papers. Why?

(Answer) These are the emotional primes, the primary-process emotional systems associated with specific brain networks and specifically designated in the brain-stimulation studies of emotions.


These are capitalized because the evidence supports a category of evo- lutionarily homologous experiences, equivalent across different species of mammals.