View Full Version : How to overcome procrastination

02-09-15, 02:56 AM
I believe we procrastinate because we ask the wrong questions when it comes to our goals and things we need to do but put off.
We do this trying to analyze thd task but in the proccess we lose our will simply because we are not understanding what we want.
We know in our head we want to do the task we are avoiding but not in our heart.

This is a second look of this dream I had once about procrastination and what I learned from it recently.

I was supposed to get in this car to go to a party. I would be the passenger and a family member was the driver. The car however, was full of my family members stuff. Random luggage suitcases and items scattered around. There wasn't much room for me to get into the car but there was just barely enough room to get in. I hesitated though, I didnt want to get in because there wasnt any room for my feet, i'd be uncomfortable I thought. I was afraid to be uncomfortable, all the while he's screaming at me "come on lets go already, we're already running late." Im still thinking and instead a stranger gets in what used to be my spot. Now im dumbfounded because the choice has just been made for me. I suddenly feel sad I cant go. I then realize I do want to go but it feels too late now. My family member asks me one last time "are you sure you dont want to go" "but theres no room now" I said 'The car's full.' He moves a bag of golf clubs or something and there is just a tiny crevice to get in the middle. I'd be unable to wear a seatbelt,I said. "I know" he replied, but you want to go dont you? I finally sat in the middle on top of pointy objects jabbing in the back, and I knew id truly be more uncomfortable then had I just taken the first seat ahead of time.

Then I woke up

I believe we procrastinate because we are afraid to make a choice. We aren't putting off the work because we are lazy, we just want to know if the struggle will be worth it. That question can unfortunately never be answered fully.

In this sense, in the dream, I couldn't make a choice until I knew what I wanted but it was only when I knew I was about to lose it, that I knew what I wanted.
So the solution to knowing what I wanted was facing the prospect of losing the choice and having it made for me.

We often put things off in our life saying that we will do it someday but someday never comes does it? Our lives would be easier if instead we tell ourselves, "I will either do this or I will never do it." Then ask yourself, "am I okay with never doing this goal or will I regret that?"

Finally, ask yourself, what will my life be like if I never do this goal?"

Ask yourself that instead of, "how hard will it be," "how long will it take me," "what if I do poorly at it?" Those are all comfort based questions that will only dissuade you.

When you know what you want never lose sight of it and think about it as often as possible. Doing this will help remind you of deadlines and all things related.