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02-13-15, 08:37 PM
I am needing to do a little bit of networking with any ADHD-ers who are in or around Portland. I need to find someone who is either a building manager with retail type space, or someone who is a commercial real estate broker who helps people lease retail space. OOOOOR (and this is a long shot, I know) someone who might be willing to be a silent partner (or an ACTIVE partner, if you're interested!) and co-sign with me to get a retail space. I can show you my business plan, if you'd like!

I am planning on starting a business this summer in Oregon... a preschool, and hopefully eventually a regular school, for children with unique learning needs... kids with ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral challenges, or kids who are just too creative and energetic to survive in a traditional preschool program. I have a solid business plan, I have support from the autism community in Oregon, etc.

My only problem will be finding a place for my business! I do not have a place to live yet, and when I get one it will be a shabby one-bedroom apartment, so this isn't the type of thing I can run from home. I need, at the least, a retail-type space with access to a clean bathroom, with plenty of space to put preschool equipment and stuff.

I have poor credit, which I am sure a lot of you guys understand! Mostly caused by either forgetting to pay bills for too long, or being out of work and unable to pay my bills! My lack of being able to find a teaching job has been a big part of this. I graduated in 2012 and intended to be self-supporting and able to pay back my loan within a year... but I never found a job. I make so little, I qualify for food stamps, which has made it hard for me to scrape up enough to pay off my loan! With this business, I will be able to make enough to turn my life around.

My concern is that I will have trouble renting someplace. SO this is where my networking comes in! I need help finding someone who owns a building with retail space, in or around Portland, who will consider renting to me. OR like I said before, someone who would be interested in partnering with me and helping me by cosigning on a retail space.

Okay. I am sending this, and hoping it will catch someone's eye! Thanks!

- Angel:thankyou:

02-14-15, 03:21 AM
I don't know whether the prospect might be distasteful to you, but churches can be some of the most convenient spaces for this kind of thing.

02-14-15, 05:35 PM
I have thought of that, but the problem is, since it is sensory-rich it will have a lot of equipment and centers with specific toys and stuff, and in a church we'd have to deconstruct the whole thing each day and then rebuild it in the morning! Plus wouldn't be able to have drop-in hours. But it is a good idea, if I could make it work somehow!

02-14-15, 10:16 PM
Be cautious - when your credit isn't great and you haven't already established a wildly successful record in your new business, people who give you a break financially are very likely to expect themselves to have a lot of control over all your decisions.

02-17-15, 10:30 PM
If you can't figure out a way to get your special needs school started, would you consider starting a preschool or daycare that is for all kids?

This way, you don't have to worry about a lot of special equipment. Some churches even have playgrounds on site or parks right next to them.

I would think a daycare would require less upfront investment(and I would limit spending if you're limited in money), especially if church has got a playground already. Did you really want to move to Portland for some reason? Seems easier to network and set up with less cost if you do it from your current hometown (unless you really want to move away from there). If you're charismatic, you could even join the church and network as a church member before your business is up and running. Would think church members live close by to their church so it would be a convenient place to drop kids off to daycare.