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02-14-15, 07:53 PM
hi everyone,

i recently was dismissed from a graduate physical therapy program because i could not complete the final clinical component. i was diagnosed with adhd and panic disorder. since then, my school has given me a F as a grade on my transcripts. i was planning on applying to another program, a masters in teaching or another program in healthcare. i was wondering how much i would have to disclose or how to state the reasons for my failures without sounding like a less than qualified candidate. my grades are strong and the only thing that looks odd is the F on the final clinical rotation. thanks everyon!

02-14-15, 10:09 PM
If you have the ability to do so without too great an inconvenience, finding a way to meet students who are currently in your potential new school's program could be a source of real information.

I think the essential thing to learn is not so much "How much to disclose" and more like "Who needs to know anything and who doesn't", whether in the context of "On which form do I put this information, and on which form do I omit it" OR "In which interview do I mention or not mention it".

02-15-15, 03:49 AM
Is there no way to get back into the first program? If not, when applying elsewhere every other grade is good, you could say personal issues that are now resolved.
02-15-15, 11:50 AM
I was dismissed from my program due to inattentive symptoms that led to forgetting a patient gait belt and the patient fell and a missed chart review information. Due to this, my program dismissed me and I appealed, but they wont let me back in because there was no objective testing done or a written report that my symptoms directly led to my clinical failures. Idk if this means I'm barred from all healthcare professions, but I only have a healthcare background, and teaching is my alternative industry. thoughts?

02-23-15, 04:55 PM
Before applying anywhere,though, I would get an official diagnosis so you can get accommodations in the next school and get on meds for both issues.

I failed out of one nursing school and got into another one and am now an RN. The second school didn't even ask me about my F but it wasn't as good a school as the other one either.

Could you apply to another PT school?

03-08-15, 05:51 PM
I think you could include a note stating it is our opinion that unmanaged health issues were at fault for the failure. Or so I'd try it that way. And state if you are now under the care of a Dr. and if you have since begun some sort of medications but don't list those exact ones.