View Full Version : Bipolar: when did you experience your first manic or hypomanic symptoms?

02-27-15, 12:02 PM
See poll.

1. High school or earlier

2. College, University or other tertiary educational institution

3. In your first year of employment

4. Later in life

02-27-15, 08:31 PM
Since I was 1 years old. I apparently was delusional and thought I was a dog for a few years. I'd chew up shoes apparently. Then when I was 5 I'd run around the neighborhood naked and peeing on my neighbors flowers because I believed it was magical pee that made things grow.

My first depressive episodes were when I was 6. I couldnt understand why I couldnt stop crying. I kept telling people I had forgotten how to sleep and was up for days sometimes. Other times I felt such intense terror that it was unexplainable for me.

I'd make friends early on in the school season but when my depression kicked in I would lose them. I'd often have boundless energy in which i'd just run non stop. Other times I had zero energy. When I was in highschool I thought I had telepathic powers. I never felt like I was on the same wave as everyone else. I didn't care what people thought of me, I'd just spin accross the walls on my way to class because I really didn't care about anything.

Now in days i'm trying to lose my disconnection with the rest of tbe human race. My goal right now is to connect with people I meet and try to find common ground. I just wanna try to be there for other people and stop looking inward or focusing on what divides me from other people.

03-02-15, 12:11 AM
I could have been 24 and during that time of the month I would usually experience deep depressive symptoms but then it suddenly turned around. I didn't think I actually got that delusional. I just started writing this very strange science fiction, to me at least. I didn't know where the ideas came from. I was just creative, very hyper and happy and was certain I would become a world famous author from this book that would soon be made into a movie.

When I realised that this might not happen it was like my heart ripped open, and I was in a very long despair. 'What's the point?' I thought, if I'm only doing this because something in my brain was telling me I'd be a success. And I secretly wanted to feel that confident again. I started to just trick myself into going back into that mindset, and sometimes the mania came back, but shortly I would become depressed again.

When I started reading Carl Jung I started getting these weird ideas. I even started to hallucinate...about what, I can't remember.

I suppose the most delusional I ever became was developing something called limerance and eroticamania ontop of the bipolar, and I'll just leave it there. It's a state I never want to revist. I was so obsessed with a person I was sure we'd end up together. Now, I'm just content to have a crush on him.

03-02-15, 12:48 AM
For the record, I'm option 3, 1st year of employment. Age 23.

03-02-15, 12:49 AM
Like fractured, my hypomania sprung up during or technically immediately after a period of moderate - severe depression.

03-02-15, 07:48 AM
age 16 which required a 30 day inpatient stay in the psyche ward.

03-24-15, 05:00 PM
High school for sure.
Maybe JR high.

Probably had episodes prior to Jr. Hight but I can definitely remember cycles in Jr. High.

Caused issues for me in college.

06-25-15, 06:27 AM
Age 16 and I was hospitalized for 30 days.

06-25-15, 08:04 AM
I'm not sure anymore. 2 pdocs say bipolar(one said NOS the other "mild bipolar") of some sort but now I don't think I have it.

I'm wondering if I just am one of the "lucky" ones who gets manic from antidepressants.

I've only had something that resembled hypomania once this year. (I do get depressed every few weeks)

To answer the OP: I'm not really sure as I'm not certain I'm bipolar, but what appeared to be hypomania or mania of some sort happened when I got started on Lexapro...can't remember the year. Maybe 2012. Which was summer before starting university, and then during university it got bad too. Was lucky if I slept 3 hours during a night while at uni, I went endless days without sleep.

Since I've been off Lexapro things have been better.

06-30-15, 08:03 PM
no idea

i had no insight till my late twenties

my most pronounced absolute manic episode , that fit all the descriptors , i was 27 maybe

10-18-15, 07:43 PM
Some time in college. When I was 21 or 22. I had a bunch of mood swings that scared my boyfriend of the time. My moods were like a wicked roller coaster. My psychiatrist didn't pick up on it until I started trying antidepressants (which I had funky side effects from) and told him about my klepto tendencies and wicked mood swings that cycle.