View Full Version : Two halves of Daytrana patch.

Castleton Snob
03-03-15, 03:18 PM
I'm going on a trip this Sunday with family for Spring Break, and my mom wants to try wearing two halves of a Daytrana patch, which she says will be the same as one full patch. I'm still worried that I'll be sleepy all day, since the patch didn't have the same effect when I tried putting it on the right side of my body (I put it on the left side of my body). Should I be fine?

03-04-15, 06:26 AM
what is your daily prescribed dose? 1 whole patch or 2 halves?

03-04-15, 09:12 PM
I did this once. It was a bad idea. It will release the exact same amount of it on both sides. Dont do that. Cut the daytrana in half, and put 1 half on, when it wears off, take it off and put the other half on.

Castleton Snob
03-07-15, 03:04 PM
Now my mom wants me to take a full Sertraline at night. She thinks the Sertraline in the daytime is making me sleepy.

I'm worried it'll keep me awake.

03-07-15, 07:37 PM
you or she really ought to call your doctor before you start taking meds at different times or dosages