View Full Version : Writing on the stall

03-06-15, 05:02 AM
Always remember
That which never began never came to an end
But we are given only two points in time to exist in
That which begins
That which ends
But Sometimes it begins
Before it ends
Sometimes it ends before it begins
Sometimes it exists within and there was never anything to find except what began
Sometimes we hide from the end and never begin
Sometimes we wait too long and the chance is taken again and again
Always, we are faced with the choice that feels like a sin
It echoes like a mantra and becomes a religion
Because its the only thing we can truly believe in
its always there, always certain
Sometimes we have to accept the end before we can begin
And if we hide, our whole lives from the end than we wont ever begin
But no matter what it is always certain
We will face the end
And if we choose to face it naked without ever knowing why
than only then do we truly die