View Full Version : I really like Intuniv

03-08-15, 08:23 PM
It works by itself without making me manic or agitated. But it doesnt start to work until you hit about 3mgs and 2mgs makes me borderline comatose I also have natural hypotension. Is there anything similar other than catapres?

03-08-15, 08:26 PM
Also straterra sucks lol.

03-28-15, 11:44 PM
Agreed; Intuniv is awesome. While it's mainly marketed for its anti-hyperactivity benefits, it has helped me with so many different areas of life that stimulants alone didn't cover.

My favorite benefits are:

Improved motor coordination (I can finally type quickly and play guitar well!)
Helps me block out distracting, ambient noises, which is esp. helpful at work
Helps me finish tasks more quickly without overthinking them

The above benefits were achieved with Intuniv + stimulant therapy, for the record.

04-16-15, 02:22 PM
Well I'm not on Intuniv,I'm on a different Blood Pressure medication called Nadolol(it's a beta-blocker) that when added to Vyvanse increases it's effectiveness quite nicely & decreases it's side-effects.

Anyone know how much Intuniv costs per month?

04-18-15, 02:04 PM
I just started Intuniv last week at 1 mg/day to add to my Vyvanse 50 mg and Buspirone 20 mg. My psychiatrist suggested it after I told him that my Vyvanse wasn't lasting as long as it used to, and said that it might help smooth out and enhance the effect of Vyvanse. He offered to increase my dose of Vyvanse to 60 mg, but I was reluctant because I didn't want the nervous side effects to come back. Now I'm beginning to think I should have taken him up on it.

About the only thing I can report so far is that I feel a bit calmer overall, which is nice, but I'm not sure it is helping much with improving my concentration. If it is, it is very subtle. The last few days I've also noticed a bit of a sleepy feeling that peaks in the early afternoon, but not to the point where I feel like I need to lay down and take a nap all the time. Perhaps I just need a higher dose, since I gather 1 mg is pretty low for adults.

For those who have had success with Vyvanse or another stimulant + Intuniv, how long did it take to really start noticing the benefits? I'm wondering how long I should give it before I request an increase in dosage.

08-12-16, 05:00 PM
So, any adults using intuniv experiencing any improvement in focus, concentration, alertness, impulse control, less sensitive to criticism,? Similar at all to a stimulant as far as its affect?

08-28-16, 05:37 PM
Great to read your med helps.