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03-09-15, 01:55 AM
I have JUST discovered this disorder the other day after someone said I show signs of it. I am diagnosed with Adult ADHD, Mild Depression and Anxiety, but nothing is helping the ADHD. A lot of people say I show more signs of Bi-Polar than depression or ADHD. In fact A LOT of my friends just outright say, "I think you just have bi-polar. You act like a classic case!"

BUT I don't think I have it and my therapist said that although I do show SOME signs, she thinks it's just part of my ADHD and depression.

But now I heard about Cyclothymia and the syptoms sound EXACTLY like mine! It's labeled a "softer" version on Bi-polar and I think that's exactly what I am! Not full-on Bi-polar, but a soft version! And one of the main symptoms is rapid speech and incessant talking! THAT is one of my most problematic issues! All the other symptoms match with me too. I am going to ask my Doctor about it on Wednesday.

Does anyone know anything about this disorder? Treatments? Medications? My ADHD meds never worked, and my anti-depressant only works mildly. I'm wondering if cyclothymia is really my problem and medication for THAT would finally solve (or at least alleviate) my major issues!

03-12-15, 04:08 AM
Sounds like bipolar. Some doctors will classify it as cyclothymia but that's really more of a misnomer in spite of it being in the dsm V.

Cyclothymia is really just bipolar that hasn't present a type 1 manic phase yet or a type 2 depression phase but the early signs show. For that reason it can sometimes be called primodial bipolar.

Pressured speech is definetely in the mania family, that right there is reason enough to talk to your doctor. If you feel like your thoughts are flowing a mile a minute like I had, and therefore find it difficult to explain it to your doctor over the phone or by appointment, try sending him an email that has be carefully thought out and reviewed by another person.

The email should say,
What's been happening lately in regards to symptoms, changes, and life events that may be a possible cause.
You should also try to state any thoughts of suicide or self harm, or any suicidal ideation. The more honest you are, the more honest the diagnosis will be and the more,likely you will get the help you need.
You should tell him(her?) what your sleep has been like, how consistant it has been. Also your appetite, and how much you are exercising/your general activity level, productive or unproductive.
What medications you are consistantly taking, this includes any vitamins, supplements, otc stuff, or street drugs. (Pot is legal in a few states but it can be a common trigger of mania, psychosis, and major depression and therefore should be avoided by anyone with any family history of bipolar or mental illness at all costs)

You then will need to say not what you think but what other people have noticed. We aren't always the most insightful to our own behavior, so this makes the overall picture more clear for your doctor.

Since you are seeing him soon/saw him than perhaps it wont be necessary but if you feel like you left out key information like any of the above, than shooting him a quick email is best.

Doing it via email will give you time to carefully choose your words so that they are precise. I would avoid using pronouns such as that, those, things, it, etc.

A word about cyclothymia though and what it is based on what doctors have told me and what I have read.

People often throw around cyclothymia as a mild form of bipolar, which, I suspect this is because they think bipolar people must be lunatics... but nope, we are only truly crazy once or twice in our life.

The rest of the time you could argue we were "cyclothymic"

Some signs I know of based on what my doc looked for and told me was

If the adhd meds don't help, or work periodically or seasonally, and you know it isnt tolerance related or dose dependent, that can be a sign.

If your mood changes drastically in the evening or early morning, where you feel like you are falling apart but fine mid day and forget all about it, this can be a sign.

If you don't have bad days, you have bad months/seasons, that can be a sign.

If you've been given the chinese food menu buffet of meds and nothing has worked, that can be a sign.

If you have energy but no focus in the summer, and focus but no energy in the winter, that can be a sign.

If you feel hyper since starting the anti depressants, or restless with mixd emotions or you have felt crazy since starting them, that can be a sign.

If you feel like your personality has shifted, like you feel more dumb or more intelligent in a drastic way than three years ago, that can be a sign.

A final one is melancholic depression. This is a mix of anxiety and depression and is typically a mixed state of bipolar. My doc told me that it is often assumed that the two go together but they don't when it is a sort of manic anxiety. Like not eating, sleeping, and feeling a strong general sense of dread with very little to circumstantially base it on.

Medications, diet/nutrition/ and psychological wellness/good coping skills along with good sleep hygiene are all basically one treatment.

It takes all of that to reduce bipolar symptoms almost completely.

The meds can be frustrating for this,reason, they wont take away all of your symptoms sonetimes.

In regards,to nutrition, omega fats along with regular fats are supposed to have a huge impact on reducing symptoms, however the studies were still few but promising last time I checked. This would be something to ask your doctor about.
It is called the ketogenic diet but it is best to consult a physician first because there may be special considerations to look at as well such as thyroid issues, or insulin resistance which could change the way the diet works and cause it to be harmful.

In short, you should get a physical and blood work done. I'd caution about just focusing on it being a psychiatric problem.

Well good luck, I hope you contact your doctor and it all goes well

03-13-15, 04:34 AM
LOL a "softer" bipolar.

03-15-15, 09:00 PM
I sometimes think my bipolar is 'softer.' I'm not up for days but I don't have very good sleep because of constant thoughts and a lot of energy. I get mania that lasts hours/days/a week. Depression doesn't stick around for longer than a week. I get creative, energetic, social, grandiose thoughts, impulsive, etc.
I'm not as bad as I was off meds. The only difference is shorter manias, less anxiety and hardly any delusions.
I may have had that 'insanity' period but it never got me hospitalised. However, I did almost kill myself with drinking and drugs. People just didn't really suspect anything. But I went from very withdrawn to a social butterfly, and I'm still more social than I was before. I mean, I'm glad I wasn't hosiptalised but it's been really hard for me to get treatment.