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03-10-15, 12:53 PM
So I had to switch from generic to brand name Ritalin because the company that produces generic ritalin has halted production till June.

I'm finding that the effects are a lot stronger. And while the crash isn't as bad with the name brand, I find that while taking the name brand, my thoughts are so slooooooow and I even speak less and move slower. I'm on the same dose but there's quite a bit of difference between generic and name brand for me.

If this continues I'll have to speak with my Dr. I can't function like this. Anyone else have experiences like this?

03-10-15, 04:21 PM
I feel like it really depends on the generic. I've been on multiple generics some of them weren't as effective as the name brand. Some generics actually had stronger effects than the name brand (e.g. Mallinckrodt). Do you know what generic you were on?

If the effects of the name brand are a lot stronger, maybe they're too strong for you. You can always ask your doctor to try a lower dose and see if it works.

03-13-15, 04:37 AM
I've only ever had issues with generics once and that was with adderall made by actavis. I wonder if that company is a manufacturer of your ritalin?

06-14-15, 08:47 PM
I had issues with of the adding makes me feel really funny so I refuse to get it.. my doctor writes. Script name brand and at the pharmacy I let them know to give me pms generic if they have it.

09-05-15, 02:34 PM
MissAdhd - same boat *** you actually! except vice versa I can only tolerate the apo ones.