View Full Version : Quebec Student Financial Aid (AFE) disability recognition.

03-12-15, 02:22 AM
I’ve been struggling in school ever since I’ve started about a year ago. Things improved once I started getting accommodation. However, I’m finding it difficult to take 4 courses per session and I am dropping one halfway through the session which means that I won’t be reimbursed but will still be considered full time by the government since in order to qualify for the Quebec Student Financial aid, one must be a full time student (minimum 12 credits per session)… After doing a bit of research, I found out that Quebec is the only province in Canada that doesn’t recognize ADHD as a type of disability in their financial aid program for students. However, an adviser at my university told me that ADHD can be considered as an organic disability by checking the “organic” checkbox in the “type of disability” section of the form and writing ADHD and this of course has to be done by a doctor. Since I don’t have a family doctor, I went to my university clinic where I was previously seeing a psychiatrist and I already have a file and they’re aware that I have ADHD, and so asked a doctor if he can fill up the form and explained that how it could be done… he told me that while ADHD is recognized by the other provinces as a disability it is not the case in Quebec….Sorry for the long and boring intro… Is there any university student from Quebec who managed a way to get full time aid while being a part time student (i.e. min 6 credits per session)?