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03-13-15, 12:39 PM

The Good: focused, calm, less hyperactive

The Bad/side effects: foggy headed, unable to think clearly about things, anxiety socially & generally, trouble with Speech (repeating words or mixing up words, slurring some words),

The very first time I ever received treatment was about 15 years ago. The doctor prescribed me Strattera for ADHD, and prescribed me Clonidine for a sleep medication. The Strattera worked well and really helped me in school and outside of it. A few years later I stopped taking the Clonidine because I was able to fall asleep on my own but continued taking Strattera. Then a couple years later after that I decided to stop taking medications completely.

I eventually went back to the doctor about 10 years later and got put on IR Adderall which worked pretty good for 6 months, but I later asked the doctor if there was a medication that would be longer lasting & smoother that I could take instead of taking Adderall. He told me about Vyvanse and later prescribed me it that next month to see if it would work out better overall.

The Vyvanse worked great and helped me a lot for a little over a year until one day I started experiencing some side effects that I’ve never had before since I started taking it or any other medications that I’ve taken in the past. My anxiety increased a lot and I also started getting this crazy brain fog every time I took the medicine that literally restrained my thinking. I went back to the doctor to talk about it with him and he decided that I should try lowering the dosage down gradually until I stopped feeling any of the increased anxiety and brain fog. I ended up lowering my dosage down gradually until I reached the lowest dosage of Vyvanse but the Anxiety, Brain Fog, and Confusion would not go away! I asked my doctor if I could just take a medication break for a while and so I didn’t take anything for a couple of months.

About 3 months later I went back to talk with the doctor again and asked him about trying Strattera since it really helped me as a kid taking it. He started me on the “18mg- 80mg Packet”. Each dosage as I was moving up was really affective and worked well! The Strattera seemed to clear my anxiety up and all other side effects until reaching the 80mg dosage. After a few days of being on the 80mg doses, several side effects started popping up. I started having anxiety problems with people such as trouble conversating, socializing, and communicating face to face with people. So I went back again to talk with the doctor about it and he ended up deciding to let me try Adderall again, which started giving me the same side effects/issues as Vyvanse did and the Strattera 80mg.

So About 1 month ago I went back into the doctor to see about trying to restart Strattera at a lower dose this time and moving up at a much slower pace compared to the packet. The first 6 days of taking it worked great and I didn’t experience any issues or side effects, besides from the common sleepiness which I’m past already. I’ve been on it almost 3 weeks now and I’m already having trouble thinking clearly, feeling foggy minded, and having trouble talking to people. I’m honestly just really lost and confused and don’t know what the next step is to take. If you’ve been through a tough or similar situation and have any advice or know of anything that might of helped you please let me know how you overcame the situation. I honestly have no idea what else to do and literally feel like falling apart right now

03-13-15, 01:12 PM
You've tried Strattera, Adderall and Vyvanse, right?

It might be time to try going in a different direction with Ritalin or Concerta.
Some folks with severe anxiety find it helps to add an SSRI or something,
but for many the right treatment for the ADHD allieviates the anxiety.

A small number of us with ADHD find that taking Omega 3 supplements
(fish oil) works rather well.
I also have to take an SSRI for my anxiety and depression symptoms though.

03-13-15, 03:44 PM
First off I just want to say Thank You for the response Lunacie, appreciate it!

I’ve been on all 3 of the medicines so far and tried to give each one quite some time, Vyvanse being the longest of the 3.

I’ve never been on Ritalin, but I did forget to mention that I was prescribed 18mg of Concerta for a month right after I stopped taking the Vyvanse. I took Concerta for really such a short amount of time; about 2 weeks till I felt like I had to try something else. It gave me some very similar side effects as the other 3 did so I kept trying.

I’ve heard about SSRI’s being prescribed alongside ADHD medicines but the doctor hasn’t mentioned it to me before. Do you think meeting with a Specialist in treatment for anxiety is something that would be a good first priority before going back to the doctor to keep trialing other Stimulant/non-stimulant medicines. That’s neat, does the fish oil help increase the medicines effectiveness at all or is it just really good for the brain?

03-13-15, 04:13 PM
Some people find that fish oil helps balance moods. Doesn't do that for me.
There have been studies that show it works for some to treat ADHD. Google.

Many doctor prefer to begin by treating anxiety first, some realize the anxiety
may actually be caused by living with ADHD symptoms.

03-13-15, 05:08 PM
Thanks, I'll have to check it out. I've never had any issues with anxiety that I knew about in the past so it's just unusual and really frustrating that it's happening now. Did you start with an SSRI first before starting your Stimulant?

03-13-15, 06:15 PM
I don't take a stimulant. I began taking Omega 3 as part of another treatment
about 12 years ago and realized that most of the brain fog was gone. Yay!

Twice I've forgotten to get more before running out, and it was just plain scary
to realize I'd lived my whole life in such a shape. Haven't run out again.
Knock wood. ;)

My daughter finally convinced me to see a therapist about the anxiety about
3 years ago (I'm 64 now). The therapist sent her notes to the psych who was
willing to prescribe an SSRI, but wasn't ready to agree that I have ADHD.

Since the Omega 3 works so well for me, I didn't care about trying a stim.