View Full Version : how do you deal with boring college classes?

03-15-15, 03:30 AM
I need advice on how to deal with boring college classes! I have ADHD-combined type and I cant handle being bored. When Im in a boring class I either end up tunning the proffesor out and in another world, or I squirm around in my seat because I cant sit. The problem is that Im a nursing student and I need to listen or I wont pass! I usually love my classes so its not so hard but now i have a horrible management class and Im going to snap! I ALWAYS leave boring classes in a horrible mood and dangerous to be around! Any advice on how to deal with it?

03-15-15, 10:11 AM
Boring classes are the worst! Although interesting classes with boring teachers are just as bad.

I haven't tried this yet, but the clinical psychologist who did my evaluation suggested in classes where it's hard to pay attention that I make sure to take notes, not to really absorb the material but just to keep me engaged with the class. She also suggested recording the lecture, so that I could go back and make sure I didn't miss anything after, which seems like it could really help. That way, even if you can't get yourself to pay attention in the class, you can still go back and listen in short doses to get what you missed.

Another thought I had was to see if there's a way you can relate the material to your future real world life. I always think that practical classes like I imagine a management class would be are more worthwhile if there's some real context. And I don't know anything about your management class or being a nurse, but is there anything you could apply from the class to being a nurse manager? Or in the administration of a hospital, or something like that?

03-15-15, 10:28 AM
Yeah I think notes is the best thing to do. Everything I hear goes in one ear and out the other, so If I didn't take notes in training or meetings I wouldn't remember a thing.

03-15-15, 08:23 PM
Thx Chicky75! I already record the classes and I always take notes but I get bored taking notes on a boring subject! I just cant sit and listen to something that is not interesting. I end up fidgeting and squirming in my seat. Im not sure what Im going to do but its stressing me out so bad.