View Full Version : Caraco Generic IR

03-18-15, 10:25 PM
My prescription was just filled with Caraco brand, specifically the 20mg Ritalin IR tabs. Previously I had been taking Watson, which seemed to work well. For my last dose of the day today I tried one of the new pills and the results have not been consistent with what I was getting on watson. I have basically been in a brain fog all night which I'm sure is going to come through in my post. Anyway I did some searching and really didnt find much (or anything for that matter) regarding this brand generic. I would just like to get some feedback from anyone who may have experience with this generic and how it may compare to other manufactures. I'm obviously going to reassess tomorrow but if my results are similar I fear this may be a long month lol. Anyway, thanks in advance for any feedback!

03-19-15, 08:14 PM
Brief follow-up, I will write more later. I reacted very poorly to this brand generic. First of all it didnt seem to do anything in terms of symptom control. I mean I felt it do something, but I'm not entirely sure what. It felt like I wasn't taking ritalin, but rather a foreign medication that sort of worked like ritalin (if that makes any sense.) It also left me with redness on my face and at times chest. I wouldn't equate the redness to that which would occur from an allergic reaction, more like an extreme rosecia. Also to avoid getting to graphic it gave me fairly severe urinary retention, and also endued a pressure on my prostate causing more than just urine to expel when I used the bathroom. In terms of heart rate and and blood pressure, it did not seem to have an adverse effect. Obviously I do not plan on taking any more of this brand generic. If anyone else has experience please feel free to share!