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03-20-15, 12:03 PM
DH has ADD, no hyperactivity.

I know that many people talk about the positive aspects of someone having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I recently read a wife talking about her husband's success in business and community involvement and attributing some of it to the energetic component of his ADHD.

What are the positive aspects of ADD? Sometimes it's hard to see that side. I am often resentful of the ADD, it's hard to see it as a condition and not as DH just acting irresponsibly, you know?

As I type this, though, I wonder why it makes a difference if there is a positive side to it. I myself have aspects of my personality that are negative, obviously, and it is what it is. DH doesn't analyze it the way I sometimes analyze the ADD.

Trying to untangle my thoughts, any insight here?

Thanks for listening.

03-20-15, 01:44 PM
ADHD without the H is called ADHD-PI (primarily inattentive).

There are some who believe there are benefits to having ADHD,
such as being more creative. However the drawbacks can prevent
using that creativity effectively.

I think what they're calling creativity is just that we can't remember
what worked last time so we keep trying something new each time.

I think that anything positive we have is something we would have had
whether we have ADHD or not.

03-20-15, 03:29 PM
I guess I meant that some people talk about positive characteristics of those who have ADHD vs. ADHD-PI.

03-20-15, 03:46 PM
I guess I meant that some people talk about positive characteristics of those who have ADHD vs. ADHD-PI.

Ah. Well, some seem to make use of that energy. For me it's mostly
nervous energy which doesn't do me any good at all, I'm combined type.
There are really not very many purely hyperactive type.

03-21-15, 01:45 AM
Well, I haven't heard that view. Much of the research basically combines the types. I have ADHD Inattentive ... and frankly, I have a lot of the symptoms of people with the hyperactive side.

Yes, some people preach that there is a good side to having ADHD. To me, that's sort of like saying there's a good side to being poor. I'm sure some people make peace with poverty. Some people are incredibly resilient and creative with money so maybe they can take the edge off of being poor. But the fact is poverty is a major disadvantage with little room for error.

Same with ADHD ... Yes, if you have a good support system, say a partner who can do the detailed stuff, and if you are lucky to find the right job for your brain ... and maybe if you have a milder version of the condition ... maybe it's not too bad .. .But ADHDers have higher rates of every problem there is: drug abuse, addiction, car accidents, injuries of various kinds, divorces, job firings, depression, anxiety and on and on ...

So I don't make much of the ADHD is a strength. Now, it's true that ADHDers really benefit from focusing on their strengths and building a life around what we do well. But that's different than the question you're asking.

Good luck.


03-21-15, 04:27 AM
Adhd is a disorder marked by impairments. Anything positive you may have would be there whether or not you have adhd IMO.

03-21-15, 06:24 AM
Yes, it's just that when something works for us, we hyperfocus on it and it becomes our little insular world. It's really no advantage in the long run. The impairment outweighs what we might achieve through the hyperfocus episodes.

I call them episodes for a reason, it's just not normal or particularly beneficial.