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03-20-15, 12:12 PM
Hi, all,

I don't know if I will get as much info in this forum but I wasn't sure I'm allowed to post in the regular forum being that I don't have ADD, it's DH.

I would like to hire a professional organizer to help DH with his home office and other home systems, and I would like someone who has experience in working with people who have ADD. (DH is excited for it, too.)

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can find someone of quality, or do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for listening.

03-21-15, 01:49 AM
Just google for professional organizers. There is an organization or several organizations of professional organizers that you will find. Find an organizer that has experience with ADHD, which they will note on their descriptions.

You might also look for an ADHD coach. Coaches help with organization and with overall functioning. The challenge for most ADHDers is that there is no one "organizational" fix. The challenge is helping folks develop the habits to keep up a certain level of organization.

That's an around-about way of saying that you or your DH will need to work with someone over time.

Good luck.