View Full Version : (humerous) Treated differently cause I'm bipolar

03-24-15, 03:21 PM
Went to eye doctor after realizing I forgot to schedule a followup from a visit last December. Dr. made changes to eye prescription that required follow up. So I"m about 3 months late scheduling the followup.
New assistant: "Have you been following your dr's instructions"?
Me: "Uhm, nope."
New assistant who's now irritated with me: "why not?"
Me: "uhm, I keep forgetting or get lazy".
Clearly irritated new assistant: "We may need to reschedule your appointment".
I'm now irritated. Primarily at myself for being so... ADHD.
Irritated assistant: "Need to update your information, what medications are you on"?
I go down the list....

- Adderall, XR and IR for Adult ADHD
- Lamactal - for bipolar
- Seroquel - for bipolar and to sleep
- Ambien - to help sleep when seroquel doesn't work
- Buproprion for special occasions

At this point, I'm beating myself up for screwing up the followup appointment. I know I look frustrated.

I can see the assistant look up information on my mediation.
Then, I'm not sure but I think she realizes "wow this guy is adult ADHD and bipolar, sleep deprived and now he's irritated. What if he's a ticking time bomb ready to go off like the crazed bipolar psychopaths on TV?"

Very nice, understanding and polite assistant: "Don't worry, we'll do everything we can to get you back on track."
"I'm sure it won't be a big problem"
"Are you comfortable?"
"Would you like something to drink?"
"The dr will be in as soon as possible"