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04-19-05, 08:06 AM

04-19-05, 08:27 AM
FTM, would you like to be the MA Regional Forum Leader? :)

04-19-05, 03:46 PM
FTM, would you like to be the MA Regional Forum Leader? :)

Yes I'd love to !

Thanks for asking :)

04-19-05, 05:45 PM

Have you been to any MA ADD meetups yet? I have 16 people in the plymouth ( one and I have yet to get people to to show up. They are also beginning to charge their group organizers a monthly fee. I am already a meetup plus member so I don't need to pay anything until my membership expired in August.

Most of the meetup organizers are not too happy about the fees since for most part they are volunteers. I really think meetup shot themselves in the foot by charging them a mandatory fee. I do think the meetup offers great online tools to help people meet up with each other but they don't offer that much more than online communities offer to set something up.

04-20-05, 07:43 AM
Thanks for that Tara, I had no idea. No, I've never been to any of the meetings. Up in my area no one says they'll be going and we don't have an organizer for the meeting.

I signed up to be an organizer and after a short time, no interest was shown, I dropped out.

I see the newest person just did the same thing. Although the meeting was close to my house there was only one other person, the organizer, that was going to be there, that made me uncomfortable so I didn't go.

04-20-05, 03:14 PM
I understand that the Boston one is pretty active and people actually attend it. I just hate going into the city though.