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04-03-15, 12:34 AM
The cracks creases crevices
Canvas my skin
Its a sin to look within
And stand
I know there are things to believe in
But If I cant see them can I still feel them?
Are they really out of sight
Can they ever be out of mind
Holding onto to what I believe in
can my demons be minimized?
I imagine the feelings between my hands
As they slip between my bony fingers
like drops that touch the sand
Slipping through the cracks
To a place from Within
Am I their master?
Or a slave to them
Ask me again
What do I believe in?
I believe in what I can see
But I believe the unseen can cut more deep than anything my hands can feel
Does that make the unseen more real?
Or am I just a fragment of what I choose and need to feel?
Are these scars necessary for me to be real?
Ask me one more time what I believe
Ill tell you what I feel
Because its the only part that is real