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04-03-15, 01:30 AM

I just payed 37 at WALGRN for 10mg IR #90.

I bummed-out last month, b/c it increased from 67 to 167 for Barr dex..
Went home, got online, surprise again the pharm. tech. girl overcharged me 60.

got home clicked ADD forum and discovered a new generic Dex called ZENZEDI.

Since one wrote his own ins.plan, pay in cash, the pharm. enjoys instant cash and no ins. paperwork hassles, I expected paying wholesale cost.
I have been using disc. codes, today online it posted 61 but I only paid 37.
That a was my 2nd win/reward for being thifty.

Learn computers because instant info about anything is avail., ****** I didn't find zen months ago.

The 3rd cherry locks, the jackpot flashes!
now take your pick and have DR write Rx for IR 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, or 30mg. tabs.

My prayers have been answered I've been frustrated with shopping around getting price pushed around by the drug policy police or whatever.

One should boycott the other company's whom I surmise wanted to milk us dry.
But just be mind-full that we still need Barr, Co-pharma, SK, ?? generic dex vendors to keep producing so DEXTROAMPHETAMINE SULFATE won't ever be on back-order again. Hope we are in control now, remember supply and demand.

Have doc sign the Rx line that indicates substitution OK unless you want non-generic(spanules, etc..) and chose barr arbor ...

I had to call many mid-west stores most are not stocked yet.
don't procrastinate, call ahead to your pharm. order early so it's waiting in your favorite color.:yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:

:thankyou: stockholders and folks @ ARBOR for stepping up for we the people whom are frequently persecuted/scrutinized as those"LEGAL speed patients"

ZENZEDI is cool name, should draw less attention than usual while giving user more attention. HAHA that's pun fun right?
Why pay too much for your attention.

Best wishes and hope this post will maximize quality of life and enjoyment to those needing/seeking or by chance a newbee finds and gets safe/simple (fluoride free) valuable and now cheap Rx.


Some helpfull run-on, i need cool it, before i get real busy.(not buzzy)

Try a pinch of arm and hammer B soda for stomach discomfort, it' does increase dose digestion and effect a little.
One should eat often or drink soda and prevent cramps for those not used to dex..

I think 2% more of people in the world are needing this and possibly they became dex patients it would accelerate quality of life and help everyone. stop haters, mean people, etc..

example: rise up off the but and do something/anything that improves life.

one should always increase activity variety to increase the posibilty of a positive out come. Even one making one or more mistakes one day can end up as change for the better.

I just went 10 days with-out RX , drank coffee instead, had no ill effects. The coffee only last 2 hours before feeling gravity increases effort mood flat lines. It's like loosing brake booster or power steering and senses dull.

Zen. taste bitter, does any remember SK spanules bittin taste, made during 70's?

snooze zzz

07-08-15, 12:50 PM
Anyone alive here?
I wonder why this thread is dead....
Anyway Zenzedi now cost 500 per 100 says WALgns.
Last month 25 bucks for #120 10mg.

WALgrs told me yesterday ZENZEDI didn't pay them the rebate!
And they said ZENZEDI is considered a brand name and not generic, how can a generic be a brand name just because it's a new name but not a drug??? To my logic it's just a name for a new new generic mfg..

So one is back to BARR 120 10mg at cash price of 81.

Anyone have a comment on price or otherwise?


Little Missy
07-08-15, 12:53 PM
Google Zenzedi prices.

07-08-15, 03:18 PM
You're correct that it's a generic version of dextroamphetamine sulfate, rather than a patented brand-name drug. The person you spoke with at Walgreens was incorrect. However, there can be wide variations in the cost of generics as well. If you are paying out of pocket, this will be reflected in the different prices you see -- whereas with insurance, there's generally a set co-pay, regardless of which generic you receive.

The manufacturer, Arbor Pharmaceuticals, has its own discount program (, which you might want to look into if this medication has been working for you and there's a reason you don't want to take one of the other generic versions of dexroamphetamine sulfate.

07-09-15, 08:55 PM
Zenzedi is a brand name.

If you get your Rx filled with Zenzedi (no generic sub) you should get the same medication regardless of where you filled it.

Having said that, things are in abit of a gray area for the 5mg and 10mg doses. These are identical (from what I can tell) to the 5mg and 10mg dextroamphetamine tablets by Wilshire/Mikart. They are produced by the same parent company.

Regarding the rebate, Zenzedi isn't supposed to reimburse the store. The discount is to get a contractually agreed discount on retail prices. Walgreen's still makes a profit on the discount because of huge whole sale drug mark ups. This is the same way goodrx works. Goodrx doesn't pay the store a rebate, they agree to sell drugs at a contractually agreed price to get business and collect revenue from signing the agreement.

The next time the pharmacist (more likely pharm tech) gives you this bs call them on it. More then likely the store or regional manager is pushing this 'policy' to boost their sales to get incentive perks from it. If they wont budge, ask for their name and make a note of the store. Then inquire with Walgreen's customer service online and the associated discount provider.

Dexedrine has a shrinking market share, so prices have been increasing. Generic drugs in general are increasing in price rapidly. Like with anything else, shop around. The wholesale drug prices are also available online, this is valuable knowledge for negotiating with independent pharmacists.

For what its worth I switched to 15mg barr adderall from 10mg barr dex (which I preferred over zenzedi). The transition is OK, but I still prefer Dexedrine because of its clarity and calmness without the jitteryness from the L-amp. I've heard good things about Focalin too (which is pretty cheap). Talk to your Dr, they should understand price pressures and will help you try other meds.