View Full Version : Hot skin (chest, back, forehead) from Ritalin LA - interaction with clonazepam or asp

04-03-15, 10:33 AM
I get a side effect when taking Ritalin LA 30mg: I get a very warm chest, forhead and back and the hot head kind of slows my brain. When I cool of with a cold wet towel, I feel better.

I have been suspecting that perhaps this is an interaction with benzo, I have had to take them recently in the evening due to anxiety and a blood pressure spike.

Since Ritalin (methylphenidate) and benzodiazepins both affect GABA in some way and since GABA is apparently involved in temperature regulation, could this be an interaction?

Anyone get a hot chest/head from Ritalin? Resp. anyone have a clue what may be behind this? It's a real hassle because I actually have to take of my shirts when this happens (luckily at home at the moment) and when it happens, I get kind of brainfogged up