View Full Version : Ann Arbor: Dr. Wolf? Looking for pdoc who will raise my Adderall dose.

04-03-15, 07:24 PM
Long story short, I've been hunting for a new psychiatrist since my previous one wasn't willing to increase my dose on adderall xr 40 mg(20 mg 2x per day) and the new psychiatrist I've seen right now made me do a CBC, COMP, TSH, and EKG. The results of my blood work was good as everything seem normal for me but then my EKG results he saw an abnormality and treated me like a drug seeker or junkie and proceed to give me the same dose after telling him that my current dose isn't working. He was explaining to me that he is being cautious due to his lack of experience with stimulants and not being comfortable prescribing stimulants because of how he feels about them being dangerous.

He recommended me to see a cardiologist, which I did and the cardiologist told me that my EKG abnormality was normal and that I can increase my adderall dose. I don't plan on seeing this doctor again as he lacks experience and discriminating me due to lack of experience and that he accepts medicaid HMO plans like Merdian.

So fair warning to anyone using medicaid HMO plan to see a psychiatrist, you might not get the treatment that you need so if you want the best treatment available, then you might as well pay out of pocket.

But good news is that I think I found a reputable psychiatrist but the only down side is that its at a private practice and they don't take any kind of insurance. But lucky, I already took out a student loan so that I have enough money to pay for the initial fee which is $290 for first appointment and $110 for follow up appointment which isn't bad expect for the fact that it has to be cash or check.

With the lack of available psychiatrists taking new patients along with other psychiatrists with a long wait list, I felt like I had to set up an appointment with someone that has over 10 years of experience in order to get the treatment that I seek. So I ended up setting up an appointment with a private practice psychiatrist which I will see on the 4/17 of this month with hopes of increasing my dose to 60 mgs per day(30 mg xr 2x per day)

Here is a link to the profile of the doctor I plan on seeing.
Sound like a good or bad doctor for my issue?