View Full Version : After 5 months quit strattera, what now?

04-04-15, 02:11 PM
Hi, aftyer 5 crappy months with strattera 60mg i decided to quit, my psychiatrist didint listen me when i said i was suffering, lots of side effects and no improves on focus , so i decided to quit. He said u shouldnt but if you want to quit do it , so i did.
So now i dont know what to do , should i find another psychiatrist ? , Seems like in Argentina medics dont like to prescribe Ritalin/Concerta etc if im +18.
My psychiatrist also told me Wellbutrin wont help for ADD, and there isnt another choices =/.

04-04-15, 02:23 PM
What about dextro amphetamine? Wellbutrin can help with ADHD symptoms.

You might need to look for another psychiatrist if your current one iant giving you any option except for strattera.