View Full Version : smoking at home- an energy sapper

04-05-15, 12:04 PM
It helps me at work but for some strange reason when I smoke at home, it absolutely drains my energy and I can't figure out why. I used to think, that maybe having a smoke first thing in the morning on an empty stomach makes me sick so maybe I need to eat something first or maybe I'm dehydrated but I've noticed that smoking any time at home makes me feel I'll and drained and just wanting to go back to bed.

And it's not the lack of oxygen. I don't actually smoke inside the house but outside in the garden.

04-06-15, 04:47 AM
Maybe with coffee and one small thing to eat?

04-07-15, 09:57 PM
It helps me at work.

Given the connections between somiking and adhd, it doesnt surprise me\it helps you sometimes (at work in your case)

I think my dad had adhd. He smoked a lot. Well for me, when i even
see people smoking makes me sick in some way and "high". My dad
was mean to smoke in the house but he didnt know it

My lungs suck. I get bronchitis easily.

So, I hope you find more constructive ways to deal but you asked the
wrong question

Right question is : why does it energize you at work! Here might be some hints:
1) smoking at work usually is a "smoke break" with other co-workers.
2) people socialize then
3) it is usually outside
4) typically, you are trying to figure something out and get a "high" from
your brain turning.

At home?
It is probably inside.
Your body is telling you something

04-09-15, 04:21 PM
I think it's like adderall.

It seems like the morning dose wakes me up but the evening dose konks me out. But I THINK what's happening is that days are just more tiring when medicated. Could that be it? It's that you were smoking during the day.. so by the time you get home you're tired. I think many people experience that with stimulant medication. (and I think nicotine is a stimulant.. not 100% sure though)