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04-16-15, 11:04 PM
I sew for a creative outlet. Keeps me sane and Happy. I LOVE sewing machines about as much as I love sewing.

04-16-15, 11:58 PM
You make me want to make peace with my bobbin. lol Lovely stitchin'!!! :)

05-27-15, 10:17 AM
Looooove the ninja turtles dress! Adorable!
I also sew, but I've never finished anything (surprise!).

05-27-15, 10:21 AM
Too cute! You've got a machine that does some fancy stichin' there.
Mine does plain old stitchin' and zigzag. I do stuff like mending and
altering shirts. I buy 'em too big and alter 'em so the arms don't bind
on me. I cut off the neck of high neck t-shirts and make boat necks.
I used to make elaborate costumes for renaissance festivals.

05-27-15, 12:10 PM
Thanks you guys!

Lunacie, I have 11 sewing machines! I love machines about as much as I love to sew.

3 of them do embroidery and have really gorgeous decorative stitches.

Here are a few of my favorite things I've made.

This was my grandson's Halloween costume. It was sewn on my 63 year old Pfaff 130 machine.

This was for Project Linus. I found perfect embroidery designs to match the fabric!

06-08-15, 06:56 PM
Omigod! Beautiful costume! Beautiful child! And the embroidery!

You've got some skills!

06-08-15, 09:43 PM
Very talented, LMB!