View Full Version : Has anyone received services through RBHA?

04-17-15, 10:04 PM
RBHA stands for the Regional Behavioral Health Authority. In Maricopa County it's called Mercy Maricopa. It used to be Magellan, before that Value Options.

Has anyone had to use a clinic/agency that was a RBHA provider? If so, were your needs met? Can you please let me know the name of the company?

This system is super annoying for me and causes me stress. Maybe it's just the locations I've been to.

When I say "needs met" I mean the provider believes in and understands ADHD and how it affects adults, they are willing to prescribe medications for ADHD that are actually listed in the formulary for ADHD, they actually follow through with what they say they're going to do in regards to coordinating with doctors outside their office.

It would also be great if they would check for any medication interactions before trying to prescribe something. Keeping snottiness to a minimum would also help, but is not as important as the other stuff.