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04-21-15, 05:18 PM
I was diagnosed with ADHD at 27 and received methylphenidate (medikinet cr, european country) for it. It works pretty well for most of activites, however I am thinking of joining day programming bootcamp and currently I am on something like weekend preparation course where the format of classes are similar. Eight hours with one longer break, we have every time new material with exercises immediayelu and at the end of the day we have to put everything together and use it to make the biggest task of the day.

The problem is that while the medication is significantly improve my attention, working memory and distractibilty after around six hours my working memory become really shut and while I feel that the drug is working on my body I feel that it made what it could with my brain and I have no longer fuel to think and feel cognitively really exhausted. The problem is that unlike in school where there is some lessons from one topic and some from another we have one for whole day.

Do you have any ideas how to soothe in some ways to support disabled working memory? Taking notes in some other way to support my brain when I have to make a task which require to use many recently acquired new informations? I know the basic rules of managing ADHD (exercises, diet, day planning etc.), but I have a really big problem with it.

04-21-15, 07:48 PM
I've done a done day programming bootcamp like what you're describing. Just one day was mentally exhausting. I think it's good you're planning now for how to deal with it for more than one day. How long is your bootcamp? And from what you say, it seems like you're most worried about being able to put all the day's lessons together for the big afternoon project, right?

A couple of things I thought of was to try to pace yourself while your medication is really working and you're not mentally exhausted. Since the flipside for people with ADHD of being easily distracted is being hyper focused, I think we can sometimes burn ourselves out more quickly. Take breaks. You could try using a timer to make sure you come up for air every 20-40 minutes.

Another thought was talking to your doctor about being able to take medication twice a day instead of once. You dont' say what your dose is, but maybe it could be split into two pills or the dr could add on a smaller booster that you take in the afternoon?

The last thing I thought was that in the bootcamp I did, while we all did our own work, we were strongly encouraged to collaborate if we got stuck on something, either with classmates or the TAs. Could you find someone who would help you out in the afternoon when you're flagging? Maybe you could talk out your approaches to the big project before starting, which might help you consolidate all of that day's information before you start.

Good luck! What language are you learning to program in?

04-21-15, 08:18 PM
obtain the schedule and run through some topics before the camp, so that you have
time to recover. take caffeine (low dose) and sweetend (high glucose) drinks.

04-22-15, 08:39 AM
That sounds really challenging. I'd try and write down as much as you can, including your own thoughts during the initial part of the day when you are still fresh.

Also, are you graded in any way on this? Otherwise, maybe don't worry too much about it. You could try doing the large end-of-day exercise on your own on the next day when you are fresh again.

04-23-15, 04:40 AM
Thanks for the answers and suggestions. I am on introductory to programming course now which take place on weekends, if I feel comfortable with it I would go into 5 day a week Ruby bootcamp. It's looks like I need to create good notes system.

This format is generally ADHD unfriendly and while I am a total newbie to everything related to IT also people with some knowledge and background says that it's easy to get overwhelmed by new informations each day. But I will try to improve