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04-24-15, 04:38 PM
Is anyone diagnosed with epilepsy and taking stimulants?

If so, which one and did you have any seizures that you think were caused by the medication?


04-24-15, 04:48 PM
I have never thought of epilepsy and stimulants and how they would react. I am interested to see the responses that you receive.

04-24-15, 05:13 PM
When used properly at theraputic doses, stimulants do not cause seizures
or change the threshold for seizure activity. Stimulants have a very safe
track record when taken properly as prescribed.

04-24-15, 05:26 PM
Thanks, I hope I get some responses too. I'm sort of asking out of desperation.

Unfortunately, I can't just rely on what the person prescribing the stimulant says (if they even will prescribe one). :eyebrow: You'll just have to trust me on that one.

So I'm trying to find out some good options. Then ask my neuro about the specific medication.

Apparently, the first doctor can't just do that themselves...even though they said they would :confused:

04-24-15, 05:34 PM
When used properly at theraputic doses, stimulants do not cause seizures
or change the threshold for seizure activity. Stimulants have a very safe
track record when taken properly as prescribed.

Thanks, I get that. And my neurologist seems to also. He's not the problem.

It's the office with the psychiatrist. They keep changing their story and when I try to get ahead of them, they come up with another issue/excuse.

My neurologist and PCP offices probably think I'm a crazy drama queen.

04-24-15, 05:44 PM
Sorry to hear you're having a tough time getting info and meds.

04-29-15, 04:26 PM
There are a few sites out there that are good for getting the skinny on medications... I think one was called medscape. The fact sheet you get from the pharmacist is shortened, but you can find the longer one online, and it'll tell you if a med interferes with your seisure medication or affects your seisures at all. If you have a good pharmacist, they can often review the literature as well. Ours was great when my wife was pregnant, since there were a number of medications, seemingly impossible conflicts about when and how to take everything, and even looked up literature on various herbals that we'd been told about to see what research there had been.

I heard of one case years ago of a child worsening when on stimulants, but if I recall they were on an absurdly high dose for his age, and the information was coming from a law suit, not actual clinical research, so I don't consider it the most reliable information.

If you're not confident with your doctor's information, it's always your right to ask for a second opinion, and if (s)he tells you it's not a concern, it's okay to ask what they base that information on.

Hope that's helpful!

05-07-15, 08:43 AM
That's the funny thing about the practice of medicine. The research all sort of indicates that it's really an individual thing as to whether stimulants alter seizure threshold or not, but there isn't really all that much of a contraindication (i.e. for most people it's worth trying).

But it seems as though individual doctors are really leery of trying stimulants in folks with epilepsy due to the potential for decreased seizure threshold. I'm really unsure if that's due to individual bad experiences, or general knowledge that isn't quite as solidly backed up via research as it ought to be.

05-09-15, 02:58 AM
Thanks everyone. Again, it wasn't me or the neurologist. I actually think it's some issue with the person I'm seeing for ADHD and stimulants.

I sort of think the epilepsy was an excuse. And I think that if she had any personal bad experiences with patients, stimulants, and seizures it would have been brought up.

I was tempted to write what I have gone through getting this prescription to see if anyone else has had anything this ridiculous happen to them. But it seemed too personally identifying and I'm being paranoid I guess. :lol:

I don't really have the option of second opinions because of the system I'm in that's related to my state's Medicaid. It's very annoying, but I'm grateful to have it. Of course, the second opinion can come from the person treating the epilepsy...but they didn't want to hear that because it didn't fit with what they were trying to use as an excuse.

I sort of wanted a list of medications and if anyone had noticed any seizure activity they thought was caused by the specific medications. I know that would be pretty rare though.

But before I first took a stimulant (which wasn't that long ago) my thought pattern was seriously like "Okay, Strattera hasn't I'll try a stimulant, but it's likely that I'll end up having a seizure and/or end up on an episode of Intervention."

Seriously. I was actually surprised when my neurologist said that he had no problems with it. I mean the first time, not this recent crap.

So for other people with epilepsy who are thinking the same thing. I will say that the only stimulants I've tried have been Adderall XR and now Vyvanse. I haven't had any seizure related issues.

The only issue I had with Adderall XR was feeling like the blood was rushing through the veins in my arms on the first day I took it. That's not a similar feeling to any seizure I've ever had and I was told to expect something like that at first. If I didn't know to expect it, then I probably would have been scared and went to urgent care or something. It only happened on the first day I took it. The rest of the days I took Adderall XR I was wondering if that was actual medicine inside of those capsules. That weird vein thing never happened again, even with increased doses.

I haven't had any issues with Vyvanse so far either, including lack of weird vein thing. I also take Tenex, so maybe that's why...?

I take Keppra for epilepsy and haven't felt like the things I've taken for ADHD have worked. I haven't been taking Vyvanse that long though.