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04-27-15, 04:48 PM
Here's an interesting article about a phenomenon where parents deliberately choose to hold back their children a year in school to give them more of an advantage. Evidently there is some connection to varsity sports, where there is an advantage if the child is a year older than their grade level.

It makes me wonder if my daughter would not benefit from being a grade behind in all subjects, with the exception of English where she is naturally gifted! As a homeschooler, I am free to make these adjustments and I'm actively considering repeating third grade math next year, unless I see that the curriculum provides a ton of repeatition on multiplication and division in the first part of the year!

And when I do put her in school, I may consider putting her a grade behind depending on the school. If the rooms are smaller, I feel an ADHD kid could keep up better.

04-28-15, 08:13 AM
Good article...

04-28-15, 09:50 AM
I'm a firm believer that you should match the level of education to the capability of the child. All children are different.
My son struggled in the first grade and we made the decision to hold him back and it worked out perfectly for him. My daughter was not being challenged enough and so we moved her up and she did wonderful.

That decision needs to be made based on the specific capabilities of the child and who better in most cases than the parent to make that decision.

I wish good things for you!