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05-01-15, 05:41 PM
Shaking my head itís in a lock
Fighting back the block
Of sanity deep inside my mind,
Traveling through all the space
And time, ready to forsake
All the emotion that can wake
And making ever more mistakes
Wanting to fight back all the rage
Imprisoned in a cage, wanting to engage
All the passion that I lack.

Giving back my life
Can I take this sacrifice
The change spinning like a wheel
Iím curious to how I feel
Can this life be real
No matter how I range
the concept of the exchange
The passion that should be.
Limiting what I should have done.
Not knowing where life has begun.

Do I race to make this life a wonder
How can I stop this thundering
From all the quaking and tumbling
Underneath my skin.
Disregarding all that is or was
Or the possibilities
Can I make a change
To a subtle breeze
I canít believe what Iíve become
The road I could have gone on.