View Full Version : Oliver Sacks and neuroplasticity.

05-03-15, 07:56 AM
I like the author Oliver Sacks. This quote is from his latest (and probably last) book.
there is no prescribed path of recovery; every patient must discover or create his own motor and perceptual patterns, his own solutions to the challenges that face him we are destined, whether we wish it or not, to a life of particularity and self-development, to make our own individual paths through life.

Sacks draws on the work of Edelman (developer of Neural Darwinism) saying that very little of a person's way of being is predetermined by genetic programming, and the brain is exquisitely adaptive, constantly shaping and reshaping itself in response to its environment and what its owner needs to do to survive there.

I find it heartening that the medical models of personality that underpin the DSM medical model are being besieged by a pincer movement from developments in neuroscience and the rise of mindfulness/awareness therapeutic techniques.