View Full Version : Frankensteins Monster rhymed retold from boredom

05-06-15, 12:13 AM
God give me strength
I made monsters to believe in angels
In the proccess I transformed men into devils
Sometimes you can only trust evil
Its predictable
There are jars I never look in
I'm afraid of what they contain
And what was made
My organs crawl
My soul is covered in the stench
The halls are living
pushing air and screaming it's name
I never wanted to hear
Their wisdom was too damn expensive
At the cost of my sanity
Their tears meant nothing
I wanted to bring out the best of me
by stitching together the worst of humanity
I wandered into the dark and pulled back something from the void
It spoke to me more than echoes
I bargained and it replied
it spoke in the silence
It hissed and something emerged from that darkness after we traded
I cant wash it's eyes from my memory
It was unatural but it was oddly still human
Crowds had gathered
The grey matter was barely breathing
I proudly brought my masterpiece before them
I thought men wanted something to believe in but they cried at the sight of afterlifes emmisary
They couldn't see it as a gift
For a moment they looked lost
Sheepish, and I became the lamb of their sins but I think a part of them did understand
I couldnt take their objections with any ounce of seriousness
Was I brave, or was my mind ready to break?
I didn't care about them so I carried a grin
marked by what was left of my sanity
I sold my soul with the best intentions
I thought they'd be happy,
I looked into the eyes of the devil
so that they could believe in angels
I thought they would be proud
I thought they'd feel like conquerers
death is now just a dream
Without my glasses I can not see
I can't tell if these are humans
Or flames that masquerade
desguised as people
Their pace is slower as they step toward me into the present
My hands have sinned but if we are gods children than it also rests with him
I'm sure after im burned i'll be worshipped
i'd probably be a god if there wasn't already too much competition
The earth has shifted
never has it been more silent
he spoke
One word that is his name
They lost the notion of sanity
It seemed like their minds became his play thing
This is what saved me
I realized everything is evil until it has a name
He left, but our sins remained
We parted ways but I will never forget his name
When I looked into his eyes one last time, I could still see the darkness in his eye
God help me I bargained my soul and created life
I saw a cross and realized this wasn't the first time