View Full Version : radical acceptance is such a beautiful idea

05-07-15, 01:24 AM
I am such a fan of Marsha Linehan! I love her!!!!

I love the concept of radical acceptance. I think she has a really great mind and it's good that her emotions didn't prevent her from contributing this wonderful therapy model. I almost envy those who would be offered a good experience (team effort in a hospital?) of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I would myself feel honored to receive the training, which I can only compare to Vulcan training as they showed it in one of the star trek movies. It's kind of interesting how she took from Zen Buddhism which I studied a lot in my teens and twenties. Also she mentions the principle of behaving in ways that are the opposite of the emotion you feel, which I actually practiced a LOT throughout my youth. It was the only way I could cope with being treated so badly, in my eyes.