View Full Version : I did my final exam at university!

05-08-15, 11:36 AM
...and I believe I passed it! :D

Now I have to wait for <2 weeks to get the results from this exam and the one I did earlier this week (which I also probably passed). If I get permission to finish, I only have to do one course; a minor completion course, for which I should do a little research, which takes about 4 weeks.

I am excited that I am this close to the end. It's a bit surreal, my life goes so well and it's still a bit strange for me. For a long time I did not believe that I would be able to finish it, and that as a result my life would be a failure.

I believed that if I wanted to finish it that I would have to struggle very hard. Well, the last 5 months I had to work on my studies (of course), however I wouldn't say it was a huge struggle; my studies didn't take so much time and my results were good. From time to time I would get a bit of stress, but I was able to manage this and regain control within a few days. Part of the stress was caused by fear of failure (specific situations had a lot of negative energy, because in the past years I would usually fail for them (exams, deadlines, etc)) Part of this stress was caused by the side projects that I have done; learning spanish, starting my own company, working at my side-job, etc. I think part of the reason why it is going so well in my studies is because I have found a balance between on the one hand limiting these side projects and focussing on my main responsibilities (and getting results where they are needed), and on the other hand letting myself go and do these things that I would feel like doing (and get a lot of energy in return).

For the coming 4 weeks I will change that balance; I feel my stress level rising a bit; it is very exciting that this is almost over, but I also feel a it anxious because a lot depends on this, it is very important that I do this now. So I have decided to devote all of my spare time to just relaxing and having fun, and devoting all my work time on this final project. I will work just a bit on my business (just maintenance, keeping in touch with people), which gives me a lot of energy, but at most this will take me 2-3 hours per week and not during working hours.

But first, before I start the course, I will do my second triathlon! I feel good, I think I can do it in a decent time and my family will come to watch, I hope they will like it! Another opportunity to show the good side of me. Which is important to me, because everyone has seen my weaker side. My mother told me that my brother very carefully asked her when I will finish my studies (he did not dare to ask me), which shows that he does not know how much has happened during the last 5 months. Not just I, but everyone will have to get used to the idea that my life seems to become successful after all against all odds! :)

05-08-15, 11:58 AM
That's brilliant. Well done!!!!!!!!!!! :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:

Best of luck for the project and your triathlon!!! :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:

05-08-15, 12:35 PM
Well done, Jacksper! :yes:

Remember that success has many definitions, but you've worked hard over the years to get to this point and should be very proud of yourself.

Good luck with the triathlon!