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05-09-15, 10:57 AM
Hi I'm thinking of taking my straterra dose in the evening rather than the morning. I find I'm a bit spaced for the first 3 hours after my dose has kicked in. It usually takes about 2 hours to kick in.
I was thinking of taking it in the evenings but am worried it will affect my sleep.

Anyone take it in the evening?

Has an evening dose made your sleep quality worse compared to taking it in the morning?

Looking forward to hearing from my fellow straterra folk :)

05-09-15, 12:55 PM
Back when I was taking Strattera, I took half my dose in the evening and half in the morning (didn't split pills -- just took one at night and one in the AM).

This was to manage side effects (nausea, primarily).

I'm not sure it made much difference in my sleep; then again, I'm someone who is prescribed stimulants to take at night so that I have a better shot at getting in bed and settling down to fall asleep, so take that for what it's worth...

05-09-15, 08:40 PM
Thanks Namazu,
I am a light sleeper usually and so I'm concerned about the effect it will have.
I've never heard of someone taking Stims to settle down to sleep. It's amazing how different we react to meds.
Did you get a dazed feeling in the first 4 hours of taking the med?
That's the main thing I'm trying to stop. I've found eating protein rich foods helps with the upset stomach.

05-27-15, 09:22 AM
My psych gave me it once after I complained about I think generic adderall... and said I felt edgy and could only focus on stuff I really liked. I even asked about it when I saw the first commercial for it or noticed there was something other than a stimulant for add.

It made me yawn a lot, forget what I was going to say at times, and somehow lost weight while sleeping 12 hours a night and skipping the gym and lots of other stuff.

It felt like thorazine or a drug not made for ADD. But I actually was more mellow, and got the best sleep of my life on it. I don't think I'd ever take it again. I remember it being pretty expensive, but I lost weight while sleeping when I didn't need to lose weight. Vyvanse is now for binge eating so one day Straterra will be given for people who eat too much but get nervous and edgy for the same thing. I am forgetting other side effects probably, but your word "spaced" had to be one.

06-17-15, 11:27 AM
Straterra is awful.

07-26-15, 08:46 PM
it seems to work right after I take it, and then lessens in the evening,Mao I would take most of it in the morning. I notice I sleep extremely well and feel knocked out when I ship a dose, but then it kicks back in right away if I take it again.